Visit from the Chinese Firm to Our Member Dört Mevsim Inc.


The Chinese origin firm which has a branch in Mersin has visited Dört Mevsim Inc.


Our Commodity Exchange General Secretary Yücel KILIÇ and Quality Manager Tuğba CENK have met the General Director of Chinese Firm Splendid China, Fan Qili.


Fire Education


Our personnal have taken Fire Education


The personnal of Susurluk Commodity Exchange has taken Fire Education from Susurluk Fire Department last Monday. Our Echange personnal who is making their final preparations before the Accrediation Inspection on Thursday have got information on subjects like, the usage of fire extinguisher and the first things to do during a fire from the firemen.


Visits to Karacabey and Mustafakemalpaşa Commodity Exchanges

Our Exchange personnal have visited Karacabey aand Mustafakemalpaşa Commodity Exchanges.


Susurluk Commodity Exhange General Secretary Yücel KILIÇ, Quality Manager Tuğba CENK and personnal Feyyaz POLAT have visited Karacabey and Mustafakemalpaşa Commodity Echanges under the scope of Accreditation process. The personnal who exchanged knowledge will direct their works on accreditation process with the comparison reports they acquired.

Visit From Yörsan Inc.


Yörsan Inc. corporate and juridical directors visit Susurluk Chamber of Commerce and Susurluk Commodity Exchange

            Manager of Corporate Relations and Laws and Deputy Director General Buse Pınar KAÇAR and Legal Advisor Tolgahan KANLIÖZ of Yörsan Inc. which operates in our town have visited Susurluk Chamber of Commerce and Commodity Echange as part of their non-governmental organizatios visits.

            The meeting took place in a warm environment with the participation of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chamber of Commerce İlker KURT and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Commodity Exchange Sefer GÖÇER, Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce İrfan AYYILDIZ,  Commodity Exchange Treasurer Yakup BOZKAN, Commodity Exchange General Secretary Yücel KILIÇ, Chamaber of Commerce General Secretary Yücel SARI.

            In the meeting where Chamber of Commerce and Commodity Exchange Directors and Yörsan Inc. Authorities have come together, opinion exchanges were made on the economy of our town. In their mutual statement Chairmen İlker KURT and Sefer GÖÇER stated about their happiness about the visit of Yörsan Inc. which is an active firm in our town and that they are proud of the firm and their contribution to the town economy. Also, they informed that Susurluk Chamber of Commerce and Commdity Exchange come together at mutual meetings, they will practice on education, seminars and mutual projects towards the members taking part in joint works and will share it with the people of Susurluk.

STB External Stakeholder Meeting

STB External Stakeholder Meeting



External Stakeholder meeting organized by the Chairmanship of Susurluk Commodity Exchange Accreditation Supervision Committee has been made in Chamber of Commerce Şerafettin Tunalı Meeting Hall on 24th of October 2014.Our town's Managers of Official Establishments, Chairmen and Authoritiesof Non-Governmental Organizations, representatives of Balıkesir Commodity Exchange,South Marmara Development Agency and the press of our town participated in the meeting which was organized by the Chairman of the Acreditation Supervision Committee Sefer GÖÇER, Committee members Mete Seyfeli, Hülya Üstündağlı, General Secretary and Accreditation Manager Yücel KILIÇ, Quality Manager Tuğba CENKand personnal Feyyaz POLAT.