70th General Assembly

Susurluk Chamber of Commerce and Commodity Exchange Chairmen Return From 

TOBB General Assembly


The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Annual Economic General Assembly 

has taken place in TOBB Economy and Technology University Meeting Hall on the 22th of May 2014.


In the General Assembly Susurluk Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board of Directors 

İlker KURT, Vice-Chairmans İrfan Ayyıldız, Serkan BAYKAL and Özgür ÖZGÜL and General Secretary 

Yücel SARI, Susurluk Commodity Exchange Assembly Chairman Hüseyin TUNALI, Chairman of the 

Board of Directors Sefer GÖÇER, General Secretary Yücel KILIÇ and personel Hamit YILDIZ and 

Tuğba CENK represented our town.


Our Chairmans of Assembly and Board of Directors and the personnel joined the General Assembly 

in TOBB Economy and Technology University after visiting Ataturk's mausoleum, Anıtkabir. 


Accreditation Supervision Committee


SCE Has ***** Five-Star Accredited Commodity Exchange Inspection


Susurluk Commodity Exchange had qualified for TSE-ISO 9001:2008  certificate from TSE Bursa Region 

Management in 2012 and was added for the 10th period Accreditation studies by the Union of Chambers 

and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey who give their members a "five-star service."

Inclusive of these studies, the first Accreditation Monitoring Inspection of Susurluk Commodity Exchange 

was made by TOBB Accreditation inspector Özge Karatepe and Turkish Lloyd system inspector Müjgan Çetin 

on 25th of April 2014. Accreditation Supervision Committee Chairman Sefer GÖÇER, Vice-Chairman 

Hüseyin TUNALI, Members Mete SEYFELİ, Yakup BOZKAN, Hülya ÜSTÜNDAĞLI, Accreditation System Manager 

and General Sacretary Yücel KILIÇ and the Commodity Exchange personnel were present at the inspection.

Chairman of Accreditation Committee and the Board of Directors Sefer GÖÇER stated: "Susurluk Commodity 

Exchange, which adopted the goal of giving their members the best and the fastest service, will keep on 

their road to become accredited." He said that their goal is to gain the Accreditation Certificate and 

make the Commodity Exchange one which gives services in Europe and World standards when the Accreditation 

process is over. 

He thanked to the Accreditation Committee members, the Accreditation Manager and the personnel for their