Legal Entities

Required documents for legal entities:


1- The original or certified copy of the Trade Registry Gazette or Trade Registry Certificate.

2- Circular of signature of the representatives.

3- Certified and photographed copy of identity card.

4- Three pieces of representatives' newly taken photos.

5- Residency certificate or licence of the representatives.

6- Notary confirmed copy of the main contract if not published in the registry announcements.

7- Documents required by the legislation or the Union or the Exchanges.


The documents indicated in the articles (a) and (b) of this entry which don't require notary confirmation can be confirmed by the Exchange on condition of the original being seen its copy stamped as original and signed.

The authenticity of the information given in the registry application and the condition of the firm is inspected by the exchange in its place and a report is prepared by the exchange. Registry bill and the content of the report are determined by the Union. The application for the membership registry is presented to the Board of Directors with a writtn attachment. (Regulation of Exchange Procedures)