Accreditation Trainings Completed

Susurluk Commodity Exchange has completed Accreditation Trainings



The personnel of Susurluk Commodity Exchange included in the 10th  period of Accreditation process have participated in the "Informing Education Before the Inspections" between 16-17th of October 2014. Susurluk Commodity Exchange General Secretary and the Accreditation Manager Yücel KILIÇ, Quality Manager Tuğba CENK and personnal Feyyaz POLAT participated in the education. Susurluk Commodity Exchange which is on the road to become 10th period  five-starred accredited exchange and continuing its accreditation process will be entitled to be accredited if it succeeds in the inspection on 27th of November 2014.

STB Internal Stakeholder Meeting

STB Internal Stakeholder Meeting Carried Out

Inclusive of the 10th period accreditation system process, Susurluk Commodity Exchange have carried out the "internal stakeholder meeting" with the Exchange Assembly members and personnel in their meeting hall. 

Susurluk Commodity Exchange, whose aim is to serve their region's economical and social development as much as their members, with the goal of reaching an organized structure and catching quality standards had set up ISO 9001: 2008 Quality System under the scope of TOBB's 10th period accreditation system and made their internal stakeholder meeting to constitute their strategic plan which should be carried out with "business planning and management" which is a requirement of chamber/exchange accreditation system developed to make the exchanges' services more efficient and provide management organizaions suited to modern stock marketing.

Under the leadership of Assembly Chairman Hüseyin TUNALI and Chairman of the Board of Directors Sefer GÖÇER, General Secretary yücel KILIÇ with the assembly members, Registry Officer Hamit YILDIZ and personnel Tuğba CENK, Feyyaz POLAT and Kübra DAĞDEVİREN attended the meeting. 

In the meeting started with the presentation of the acreditation process of the commodity exchange, works were made on the filling of the surveys and determinig the SWOT analysis. At the end of the meeting before the determination of the Strategic Plan of 2014-2017, Assembly Chairman Hüseyin TUNALI and Chairman of the Accreditation Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors Sefer GÖÇER thanked the participants for their efforts.



Quality Management Internal Inspector Education


STB Personnel Participate in "Quality Management Internal Inspector" Education

the personnel of our commodity exchange included in the 10th period chambers and exchanges accreditation system participated in the "Quality Management System Internal Inspector" education on 18-19th of September 2014. Susurluk Commodity Exchange General Secretary and Accreditation Manager Yücel KILIÇ, personnel Tuğba CENK and Feyyaz POLAT have attended the trainings.

Our commodity exchange - on the road to become a five-star exchange and become accredited – personnel will gain "Quality Management System Internal Inspector" document if they succed in the examination.


2nd Balıkesir Publicity Days Made in Feshane

Susurluk Stand Gets Full Mark from the Visitors

2nd Balıkesir Days has been carried out in Istanbul, feshane by the organization of the commission under the chairmanship of our commodity exchange chairman Sefer GÖÇER and Susurluk District Governorship with the participation of Susurluk District Governor Mahmut Nedim TUNÇER and Susurluk Mayor Hüseyin HIZLIOĞLU. 

Our stand which publicizes Susurluk in 2nd Balıkesir Days where Balıkesir's center, towns and districts were presented historically, archeologically, culturally and economically. 

Our members Hastavuk Food Industry and Trading Inc., Dört Mevsim Meat Industry and Trading Inc., Ahi Güven Frozen Food Industry and Trading Inc., Tunalı Oil Indusrty and Trading Inc., Beyhanlar Leather, Ran Musrooms, Serdar Plastic  Industry and Trading Inc. Have taken place among the Susurluk stands and publicized themselves. Susurluk Karapürçek Women's Culture and Art Association, Kıral Spice Products, Cengiz Dönmez Wood Carving Arts, Bal Chairs, Muradiye Village Golden Garden, Gürece Apple Garden, Demirkapı Emin Koptekin Pomegranate Garden have also taken place among Susurluk stands and presented their product to people of Istanbul.

During the publicity days, the chickpea, wheat and melons grown in our town were dsitributed to people free of charge.  Also, presenting the local values and tastes, bicarbonated bread, Susurluk Ayran, Susurluk Toast, lime tea, local curled pastry were treated to Istanbulites and visiting expatriates. A historical journey was made with the "Susurluk Photos Past and Today". 

Strategic Plan Works

STB have Participated in Operative Strategic Plan Works

The Operative Strategic Plan Work which is inclusive of the chambers and exchanges accreditation system has been made in Ankara, Turkey Politics of Economy Foundation (TEPAV). Susurluk Commodity Exchange Chairman of the Board of Directors and Accreditation Supervision Committee Chairman Sefer GÖÇER,  Chairman of the Assembly and Vice Chairman of the Accreditation Supervision Committee Hüseyin TUNALI, Accreditation Commissioner and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Yakup BOZKAN, member of the Board of Directors and Accreditation Committee Hülya ÜSTÜNDAĞLI, General Sercretary and Accreditation Manager Yücel KILIÇ and personnel Tuğba CENK and Feyyaz POLAT have participated in the trainings.

TOBB President Rifat HİSARCIKLIOĞLU who joined the education meeting said that they aim all 365 chambers and exchanges to be five star accredited. HİSARCIKLIOĞLU also said that the process which started with the agreement they made with the England Union of Chambers and the education taken from it brought them to a very different spot today. HİSARCIKLIOĞLU, while expressing that TOBB has become an accrediting organization, said: "we have come to such a position today that, President of the German Union of the Chambers had said to me after a visit: 'We have nothing more to give you but things to take from you'.  This is a very important word that shows what we have achieved here."

TOBB President M. Rifat HİSARCIKLIOĞLU who insisted that the chambers and exchanges should undertake three main missions in the near period said: "You have to be the main power, the engine of local development. Course of action is very important. You have to be the center of the idea production. Strategic plan is very important. We are not above the people who were voted by the population. For that, you should share your bag which is full of plans and ideas with the local actors."