General Secretaries and Quality Managers Meeting

South Marmara Commodity Exchanges and Chambers of Commerce General Secretaries and Quality Managers meeting has been held in Gönen on the 6th of December under the home ownership of Gönen Commodity Exchange. Gönen Commodity Exchange Chairman of the Board of Directors İbrahim MUTLU and Gönen Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board of Directors Hasan ÖZÇAĞLAYAN have also participated in the meeting. 

In the meeting, Chambers and Exchanges have couseled each other on the Accreditation System and how it affected them. 

Our Commodity Exchange General Secretary Yücel KILIÇ and Quality Manager Tuğba CENK have participated in the meeting.

"Preparation for Future Risks and Opportunities"

The Conference called "Preparation for Future Risks and Opportunities", which we organzied together with Susurluk City Hall, Susurluk Vocational School, Susurluk Commodity Exchange and Susurluk City Council, was prepared and presented by Psychiatrist Dr. Sedat İRGİL. Students having education in our towns' high schools, theVocational School, our people and our members participated in the conference.

We are Accredited

Our exchange has become entitled to be accredited as the result of the inspection made by Türk Loydu inspector Hikmet CANKO.


After a long period of preperation, the day before, on 27th of November, Susurluk Commodity Exchange hosted Türk Loydu inspector Hikmet CANKO, commissioned by TOBB. In the inspection which took nearly 9 hours and passed in a warm environment, our exchange has got passing grades from all of the 13 articles that the Accreditation System requires. Thus,Susurluk Commodity Exchange, getting 42 points out of 65 has  become entitled to be accredited by the umbrella organization, TOBB. Our Chairman of the Board of Directors Sefer GÖÇER has mentioned that this is only the beginning for our exchage, adding "our duty from now on is to continue the successs we have caught here."

As Susurluk Commodity Exchange personnal, we owe, firstly our Chairman of the Board of Directors Sefer GÖÇER, our Board of Directors, our Assembly and all of our internal and external stakeholders a debt of gratitude for their support and contribution.

Manager Orientation

Orientation education given to our Exchange Managers on Accreditation Standards



Besides the information given  to our managers on the activities our Exchange has done before the Accreditation Inspection on Thursday, presentation has been made on our 2013 Activity Report, web site, social media pages and the guide books of Managers, Members and Personnal.