STB Visit Bandırma Commodity Exchange

STB have visited Bandırma Commodity Exchange in the as part of Accreditation studies.

Our Commodity Exchange General Secretary Yücel KILIÇ and the personnel Tuğba CENK and Feyyaz POLAT have seen Bandırma Commodity Exchange genral Secretary Ertunç İŞBAY and Vice-General Secretary Aybike ÖZBAY as part of 10th period Accreditation studies.

As the result of these interviews, comparison report has been prepared with Bandırma Commodity Exchange who entered the 5th Accreditation System in 2009 and finished their inspections successfully.



TS-EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Inspection

Susurluk Commodity Exchange Pass TS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 Quality Inspection Successfully


Susurluk Commdity Exchange have registered their Quality Management 

Certificate completing their TS-EN_ISO inspection made by Turkish Standards 

Institute Regional Directorate of Bursa. In the inspection made by TSI inspector 

Yücel Minas in 12th of August 2014, Susurluk Comoodity exchange General Secretary 

and Quality Management Officer Yücel Kılıç, Registry Officer Hamit Yıldız and the 

personnel who were added to the Quality Management System namely Tuğba Cenk, 

Feyyaz Polat and Kübra Şen participated.


Chairman Sefer Göçer who participated in the inauguration meeting of the inspection

noted that the Commodity Exchange with their assembly, board of directors and staff

will keep improving their standards with TS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management

System. He also stated that their aim is to be an organization which inform their 

members with the new developments in the European Union process and prepare them for

European agriculture and stockbreeding standards and on this purpose the TSI certificate gives 

them additional strength.

8th Turkey Trade and Industry Council


Chamber and Commodity Exchange Cahirmen who Attend the 8th

Trade and Industry Council Return from Ankara

Susurluk Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board of Directors 

İlker Kurt and Susurluk Commodity Exchange Chairman Sefer Göçer 

have attended the 8th Trade and Industry in Ankara on the 6th and

7th of August 2014.


Organized under the hosting of Chairman M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu in the Union of 

Chambers and Commodity Exchanges building with the participation of Prime Minister 

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Vice Prime Minister Ali Babacan, Minister of Science, 

Industry and Technology Hayati Yazıcı, Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek, 

Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekçi, Chamber of Commerce and Commodity Exchange 

have represented our town in the Council.


Our Chairmen have told us that they related the problems of business and economical 

problems of our town and had a fruitful meeting.

2nd Balıkesir Publicity Days

In Istanbul, Feshane, 2nd Balıkesir days will be held under coordination 

of Balıkesir Governorship, Province Culture and Tourism Management and 

Susurluk District Governorship organization between 11th-14th of September.


In 2nd Balıkesir Publicity Days in which Balıkesir's hsitorical,

archeological, cultural and economical values will be presented,stands which will 

present Susurluk will also be opened in leadership of Susurluk District Governorship.


Under Chairmanship of our District Governor Mahmut Nedim Tunçer, the first meeting

has been held on 1st of August 2014 with participation of Chairmans of Chambers and

State Offices and representers from private sector. The Commission formed under the

leadership of our Commodity Exchange Chairman of the Board of Directors Sefer Göçer

has started the labors.


From among the private sector firms; Hastavuk Food Industry and Trading Inc.,

Dört Mevsim Meat Industry and Trading Inc.,Ahi Güven Frozen Food Industry and Trading Inc.,

Susurluk Karapürçek Women's Culture and Art Association, Kıral Spice Products, 

Cengiz Dönmez Wood Carving Arts, Nilüfer Doğan Oil-Paint will open stands in 

"2nd Balıkesir Publicity Days."


Besides, in Susurluk District Governorship stand, Kepekler Şura Tourism, 

Tunalı Oil Indusrty and Trading Inc., Beyhanlar Leather, Ran Musrooms,

Oraklar Food  Industry and Trading Inc. (Fide), Bal Chairs, Valley Misya Yıldız Hot Springs,

Muradiye Village Golden Garden, Public Education Center Gifted Hands Association,

Demirkapı Emin Koptekin Pomegranate Garden will take place.


Susurluk Municipality and Public Education Center will provide material support.


By Susurluk Agriculture Chamber, during the publicity days, products from our town

like beans, chickpea, wheat and melon will be treated to guests besides the presentation

of our region's cultural values and tastes like Paşaköy's bicarbonated bread, 

Susurluk ayran and toast, curled pastry, tısmana, cheese, dızmana pastry and cheese and

also local dresses and Susurluk photos from past and today.


Iftar Meal

STB Members Came Together at the Iftar Meal


STB members came together in Park Wedding Hall on the evening of July 22nd at the iftar meal and broke their fasts.

Susurluk District Governor Mahmut Nedim Tunçer, Office Managers and Chiefs, Commodity Exchange members and citizens

attended the meal.

Our Commodity Exchange Chairman Sefer GÖÇER thanked the participants in his speech after the meal.