18th of March

We commemorate our sacred martyrs, our veterans, Ghazi M. Kemal Atatürk, being in the first place, and his brothers in arms who fought at the cost of their lives in order to protect our lands in the 105th anniversary of Çanakkale Victory. - Susurluk Commodity Exchage Chairmanship


99th Anniversary of the Independence March

We remember the great poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy and our Martyrs and Veterans, M. Kemal Atatürk being in the first place, who gave inspiration to him, in the 99th anniversary of the acceptance of the Independence March. - Susurluk Commodity Exchange


Treacherous Attack in Idlib

30 trade bodies from 81 provinces, syndicate confederation and non-governmental organizations have come together and given a joint press statement related to the treacherous attack that took place in Idlib. Our Assembly Chairman Hüseyin Avcıoğlu Tunalı and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors Mete Seyfeli have participated in the press statement. 

The full text of the press statement is thus:

“Currently, in 81 provinces, Turkey's leading 30 professional organizations, trade union confederations and non-governmental organizations are making this statement together.

We stood by our nation and our state at every critical time.

We acted with responsibility.

Today, we are showing our joint reaction to the treacherous attack in Idlib.

First of all, may Allah bless the spirits of all our heroic soldiers who were martyred in their mission to defend the peace, security of the homeland and the oppressed. May Allah make the abode of our martyrs a paradise. May patience and fortitude be given to their relatives and urgent healing to the wounded. I'm sorry for the loss of our nation.

Our troops were in Idlib, protecting both our country's borders and the oppressed.

Because the world remained silent against the persecution in Syria, the brutal slaughter of hundreds of thousands of civilians, the expulsion of millions from their homes, the land.

Unfortunately, Turkey's peace-oriented efforts have not been reciprocated by many countries.

We're calling again from here.

There is a regime which has not taken on its share of humanity; disregarding all moral, human and religious values, targeting even the lives of its own citizens, driving them from their country.

It is driving Syria to more and more severe destruction every day.

Finally, the regime forces, by not complying with agreements, ambushed our soldiers in treachery.

This attack can never be acceptable.

Therefore, we cannot be expected to remain silent against these regime elements that slaughter innocent people and pose a clear threat to the security of our country.

It is our historical, human and conscientious responsibility to protect the right of our Syrian brothers and sisters who have historical and cultural ties and who have fled the persecution of the regime.

So far, the Turkish State and Armed Forces have given the strongest answer to terrorist organizations and their supporters with the Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch and Peace Spring Operations.

Of course, the perpetrators of this brutal attack will pay the price.

They’ve begun paying with Operation Spring Shield.

And let everyone know that we are a nation that knows how to overcome all manner of challenges.

When it comes to the homeland, we put aside all political and intellectual divisions.

Now we act in unity and solidarity, showing patience and fraternity.

We hold the interests of our country above all else.

Today we are stronger than ever; we are united, whole and together. As the business community and NGOs representing all parts of Turkey, we have closed ranks under our flag.

We stand with our state and our heroic armed forces, who are fighting decisively against the murderous regime.

We stand by every decision and every step to be taken for the establishment of peace.

May Allah bless our country, preserve the unity and persistence of our nation, and make our army victorious."

Visit from South Marmara Development Agency


Officials of South Marmara Development Agency H. Kerem Öner and Emine Aktuğ have visited our commodity exchange. In the visit that our Dep. General Secretary Hamit Yıldız and Laboratory Supervisor Şule Şahin Aslan hosted, subjects of our feasibility project that was presented to South Marmara Development Agency and approved by the same agency, our exchange's activities and our aims and projects for the future were discussed.


Balıkesir Province Chamber-Exchange Council Meeting


Our Assembly Chairman Hüseyin Avcıoğlu Tunalı and Dep. General Secretary Hamit Yıldız have participated in Balıkesir Province Chamber-Exchange Council Meeting in Ayvalık, on 19th of February, 2020.