Visit from CHP

CHP Balıkesir Parliament Member Ensar Aytekin, CHP Provincial President Serkan Sarı, CHP Sub-Provincial President Bekir Barut, CHP Provincial Board Members Sadri Özen, Mustafa Yıldırım, Ceyhun Ercan, Orkun Atlay, CHP Susurluk Sub-Province Board Member Levent Cankır and Town Hall Assembly Member İsmail Şafak has visited our exchange. Our Chairman Sefer Göçer has hosted the meeting.

Tax and Bonus Statement E-Training

Tax and Bonus Statement, which has been constituted by the merging of tax statement and monthly bonus and service statements, has been active throughout since the 1st of August, 2020. In order to evaluate the feedbacks and increase the rapport to the application, an e-training of Tax and Bonus Statement has been held with the hosting of TÜRMOB. Our accountant Kübra Dağdeviren has attended the training.

Pre-Accreditation Information Training

Prior to the Accreditation Development Visits which will be starting in September, our Accreditation Supervisor Şule Şahin Aslan has attended the Pre-Accreditation Inspections Information Training.

Our Entrance being Tarmacked

Our exchange's entrance is being tarmacked in order for our members to bring and take their goods more easily. We thank Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality; Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Yücel Yılmaz, Balıkesir Metropolitan Vice-Mayor Mr. Yasin Sağay, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Mr. Mustafa Küçükkaptan, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Vice-General Secretary Mr. Hüseyin Turan and Susurluk own Hall Assembly Member Mr. İbrahim Dürmüş being in the first place.

Eid Al Adha

We wish Eid Al Adha, which will further strengthen the feelings of peace and fellowship, to bring you, your loved ones and our whole nation happiness and serenity, and we salute you with our respects. - Susurluk Comodity Exchange Charimanship