Marmara Regional Meeting


Our chairman Sefer Göçer attended the "Marmara Regional Meeting" held with the participation of TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu. Our regional problems were evaluated and consultations were made on solution offers in the meeting.

Mothers' Day

They have been the name of hope, compassion, mercy, power and determination for not one day, but their whole lives... We celebrate the Mothers' Day of all our mothers.

Balıkesir Chamber/Exchange Video-Conference


Our Chairman of the Board of Directors Sefer Göçer has attended the Balıkesir Province and Sub-Provinces joined Assembly meeting which was held as a videoconference with the participation of TOBB President M.Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu.

Economical developments and additional measure steps that the members are in need of were the topics of the meeting. 

Breath Credit Press Statement



Susurluk Commodity Exchange Chairman of the Board of Directors Sefer Göçer, Susurluk Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board of Directors İlker Kurt, DenizBank Susurluk Branch Manager Barış Koç have made these announcements regarding the TOBB Breath Credit:

"The Breath Credit Project that was carried out by TOBB successfully in the past periods has been restarted in order to support our chamber/exchange member firms in their financial struggles. 

The protocol of the credit was signed by TOBB, DenizBank and Credit Guarantee Fund on 27th of April, 2020.

DenizBank has taken the role of the participant bank in TOBB Breath Credit Project which has been actualized in order to provide low interest credit our chamber/exhchange members under the economical stability package which was announced by the Presidency of our Republic and carried out under the coordination of Ministry of Treasure and Finance in order to help limit the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Under this scope, our Chamber/Exchange members have started to use credits by submitting to the DenizBank Susurluk Branch, starting on 27th of April, 2020.

In this process, DenizBank will help our members take a "breath" by grabbing the bull by the horns and having them use credits with an interest rate of 7,5% per year with the support of TOBB and Credit Guarantee Fund. The credit that our members will use will be without paying back of both the capital and interest until the end of 2020, and will be forwarded 20 months at most, the year 2021 being split into 12 equal installments. 

The maximum limit of the credits has been determined to be 100.000 Turkish Liras in order to ensure that more members use it. However, under the scope of the protocol signed between Treasury and Finance Minsitry and Credits Guarantee Fund, the maximum limit is 50.000 TL for firms under the turnover of 3 million TL, and 100.000 TL for firms with turnover of 3 million TL and 25 million TL.

The Members first need to get an activity certificate with an inscription stating "For Breath Credit Supplication."

DenizBank will not require any disbursement or banking charge except for the 0,03% supplication cost and charge that will be paid to CGF.

We thank, TOBB President Mr. M.Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu being at the foremost, The Union of Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Credits Guarantee Fund and DenizBank who did not leave our members behind in these hard times.