Vakıfbank Visit

Vakıfbank Susurluk Branch's new manager Celal Özdemir and Vakıfbank personnel Türker Onat have visited our exchange.

In the visit that our Chairman Sefer Göçer has hosted, consultation has been made on our exchange's works.

We thank them for their kind visit.

5th of September Deliverence Day

We celebrate our 97th anniversary of Susurluk's Deliverence from enemy occupation and remember our martyrs and veterans with thankfulness.- Susurluk Commodity Exchange Chairmanship

Balıkesir Chamber/Exchange Consultation Meeting

Our Commodity Exchange Vice-Chairman Mete Seyfeli and Accountant Member yakup Bozkan have attended the Balıkesir Chamber/Exchange Consultation Meeting which was held in Gönen, on 27th of August.



Visitors From Niğde Commodity Exchange


Niğde Commodity Exchange have Visited Our Exchange

Niğde Commodity Exchange, who is planning a physical structuring have visited our commodity exchange in order to consultate the matter. Niğde Commerce and Industry Chamber Assembly Chairman Serdar Ecemiş, Niğde Commerce and Industry Chamber Member Mustafa Kahraman, Niğde Commodity Exchange personnel Türker Berber have visited us. Our General Secretary Hamit Yıldız has hosted the visit. 

Yıldız has given information on our exchange's pysical structuring process, laboratory activities, session sales services and the warehouses and cunsulted with the Niğde representatives. After the visit, our new service building and warehouses were shown.


Balıkesir Chamber/Exchange Consultation Council

Our Mangers attended the Balıkesir Chamber/Exchange Consultation Council

Balıkesir Chamber/Exchange Consultation Council has been made under the hosting of Edremit Chamber of Commerce and Commodity Exchange in Edremit on 24th of July. Our Assembly Chairman Hüseyin Tunalı, Chairman of the Board of Directors Sefer Göçer and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors Mete Seyfeli have attended the meeting.

In the meeting, the subjects of;

-South Marmara Development Agency Projects

-Exportation Potential of regional agricultural products

-Fighting Olive Fruit Fly

-TOBB Licensed Warehousing

-Yorex Fair Attendance

-Public Relations Activities

-Academic Advisorship

were discussed