Message from Chairman


Susurluk Commodity Exchange had been founded in 2002 and officially started operating and has completed its 16th year this year. It has shown development since 2002 to this day with importance and speed, and is planning to move to its new service building today.

As Susurluk Commodity Exchange, with our Assembly and Board of Directors which were elected in 2018's elections, we are take it as our duty to serve our members and town and with our activities and works we are even more diligent to reach our goals. With TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System that we have been working on since 2002, we have took our standards one step further and finished our 2017 supervision detections successfully. Our exchange is still working to pass on to TS EN ISO 9001:2015 version and I am fully confident that we will pass the document renewal inspection that will take place in 2018.

In 2014 we were included in the 10th Accreditation process of TOBB going with the slogan of "365 Accredited Chamber/Exchange." This process was a guide to us in terms of increasing our service standards besides our organizational development. In the last period we continued our consciousness of member and staff satisfaction and giving importance to their needs and expectations. We worked to carry out our social responsibilities by adding to our town's economy. We developed good relations with our town's governmental and nono-governmental organizations. We achieved good results as a result of lobbying acctivities on many issues that we undertook with our town's organizations.

We aim to carry the direction of our strategic goals by continuing our way, and being an organization which carries its duties in its new service building, developing itself by adapting to changing conditions in our second strategic planning period.