Hygiene Education

Susurluk Commodity Exchance who practice according to TSE ISO 9001: 2008 

and continue their accreditation process gave their members hygiene education 

with the cooperation of Susurluk Public Education Centre under the leadership 

of Dr. Luiz Erpınar from Susurluk State Hospital on 27th of June 2014.


The drills given in the organization of Public Education Centre are aimed at 

the workers from food sector and the purpose of the educations is to give the 

trainees information on healthy food production and sale.


The workplaces under the provision of Hygiene Education Regulation which was 

set for this purpose receive their educations from the Public Education Centre 

and  the owners and workers of these workplaces are obliged to take these 

trainings until the 5th of July 2014.