Sale Session

The Most Expensive Barley in Turkey Has Been Sold at Susurluk Commodity Exchange

Susurluk Commodity Excahnge has carried out its first sale session following its settling in its new Service Building, on 19th of June 2019, Wednesday. As buyers, Susurluk Commodity Excahnge Chairman Sefer Göçer, Accountant Member Yakup Bozkan, Members Hikmet Saygı, Aptullah Kesen, Bülent Encin and Ahmet Toygun have participated in the sale session. The symbolic 50 kilos sale of the first barley that was brought to the exchange by farmer Özgür bangür was bought out by Yakup Bozkan with a value of 18 Turkish Liras per kilo, which is a very high price. The sale of the remaining 6590 kilos of barley was also bought out by Yakup Bozkan for 1,204 Turkish Liras. 

The first buyer in our exchange, Yakup Bozkan said: "I wish this service, started by our exchange, to be beneficient for all of Susurluk and our region's farmers." Our chairman Sefer Göçer thanked all the farmers and merchants that took part in the sale and added that the participation should grow so that both our merchants and farmers can benefit from the sales.

Göçer stated: "As the farmer sells its quality product for better prices, he will strive to produce better products, and the merchant will buy the quality product for its deserved price and remove the risk of loss. That way, both our farmer and merchant will earn. As Susurluk Commodity Exchange, we made the necessary investments and took on responsibility. Now we want our region's farmers to show the same effort and bring their product to our exchange and sell them for their real value."